Become an app developer with Local Cosmos - without any programming skills.

create your own app

Local Cosmos offers an app kit which allows you to create your own nature study App.

Features include:

  • identification keys
  • record and manage observations
  • nature guides with in depth information for species
  • Individual Frontends
  • App (iOS, Android) and Website
  • new features crafted for you on demand
  • and much more

Local Cosmos automatically builds your App and Website

App and Website - one software.

  • After you finished creating your contents you click on "build" - Local Cosmos then automatically creates your Android App, iOS App and Website
  • App and Website run on the same codebase. Your App works without an internet connection.
  • Manage observations and users
  • Mapping functionalities
  • Latest responsive design
  • CMS and theming functionality for the presentation of your project
  • Documented API for developers

Release is planned for 2023